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Concare Engineers is a forward thinking full service construction firm that leans towards modern and sustainable design. Our diverse professional and construction backgrounds allow us to provide a variety of services to our clients from Pre Design to Post Construction, overseeing their project from an initial idea to reality Consultation to Renderings. We offer these services for a multitude of projects from small home renovation to large scale commercial projects. Below is an outline of some of the types of services that we offer:


Self-leveling, screed flooring . Clean room epoxy/polyurethane/solid wood/laminate/vinyl/sports flooring.

Structural Glazing

Structural glazing systems provide a flush glass surface. It utilises stainless steel fittings, housed in countersunk holes, to fix the glass façade back to the structure instead of using the more conventional framed systems.


Waterproofing solutions . Time tested Pre-Post Construction Waterproofing solutions.

Commercial Concreting

Project management, Earthworks & civil works, Supply & installation of onsite formwork, Cast-in & embedded items, Footing/foundations, External concrete paving, Warehouse slabs, Concrete finishing.

Structural Fabrication

Our Structural Fabrication services are useful for commercial establishments, multi-layered industrial workshops and office premises . Steel structures fabricated by us have excellent welding & matchining characteristics and are known to exhibit high yield stress level.

Coating & Painting

The paints and coatings industry is mature and generally correlates with the health of the economy, especially housing, construction, and transportation

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